About Us

Beautiful, flexible and diverse office furnishings + creative, efficient and functional space solutions.

We are a Nashville based, full-service furniture dealership. Since 1995, we’ve been helping clients nationwide by creating amazing, functional spaces with high-quality, economical product solutions. In fact, with our knowledge base and diverse experience, we simply know we’re the team who will get you the best results with the highest quality for the most affordable price around. And, with the added convenience of our “one-stop-shop”—well, furnishing your facility just got a whole lot easier.

Client quote:

“It was a great pleasure to work with HST Interior Elements. The professionalism and dedication exhibited has made furniture specification, procurement and installation an efficient and seamless effort.” –Anna Roberts, Program Manager (Gresham Smith and Partners)


Core Values and Objectives


Client Focus

We realize the importance of good relationships with our clients in order to achieve a successful project. Product offerings, applications and project scope may differ from client to client, but the relationships we build are all equal.



Through our business model, we have created an environment in which our employees share accountability. Weekly production meetings keep the entire team up-to-date on projects, helping to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.



For us, excellence means striving to understand both the short-term and long-term needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations, no matter the size or scope of the project. Our intelligent and caring staff is invested not only in their own success, but in the success of the clients we serve.



We are proud to stand behind the quality of products and services we deliver.



You’ve heard the saying – work to live, not live to work. Here, we work hard so we can play hard. Our humanistic workplace attitude is one of enthusiasm and interaction to be recognized and shared by our clients.